Top Dry Cleaner

Maintaining the finest wardrobes in Las Vegas since 1970!

Tiffany Couture Cleaners History

The Germano brothers, Jack, Emilio, and Edward learned the dry cleaning trade as young men growing up on the East Coast, where the trio owned a small chain of stores in eastern Pennsylvania called G&G Dry Cleaners.


In 1970, Edward Germano traveled to Las Vegas on a Kiwanis trip, and he fell in love with the city, convincing his wife, Dolores, to make the move west. The couple bought a struggling dry cleaning company called “Tiffany Cleaners” in the Commercial Center. Edward and Dolores worked at the store during the day, and at night Edward worked as a dealer in the Downtown casinos to make ends meet.

Eventually, the two grew the business, and Edward talked his two brothers into selling G&G Dry Cleaners to joining him in Las Vegas. The three brothers ran Tiffany Cleaners together for many years.

In 2005, Judy and Dan Del Rossi, Edward’s daughter and son-in-law entered the business. Since they assumed leadership, Tiffany Couture Cleaners has grown their reputation for excellence.