Free Pick Up & Delivery

Delivery FAQS

How Does It Work?

To get started, just fill out this online form or call (702) 735-0186 and we will take all of the necessary information to get you started right away. You tell us where you would like us to provide the service- home or office -and we will schedule your location on our bi-weekly pickup and delivery runs.


Do I Need To Be Present at Pickup or Delivery?

No, we pick-up and deliver to the location that you have pre-selected.


Do I Need to Schedule a Pickup in Advance?

No advance planning or phone call is necessary. We provide you with a pickup bag and door hanger, and you simply hang your clothes bag out on your front door for our driver to see as he checks your location. (If your front door is not a suitable location, we will make arrangements to check a location- e.g. your garage, back porch, inside your office reception area, etc.- that works better for you.) If you don’t have any soiled garments on that particular day, you simply won’t hang the clothing bag on your door, and our driver will move on the home of the next client.


When Is Your Pickup and Delivery Scheduled?

Depending on where you are located, your regular bi-weekly pickup and delivery days will be either Monday & Thursday, or Tuesday & Friday.


When Will My Cleaned Clothes Be Returned?

On the next scheduled pickup & deliver day. For example, if we pick your clothes up on Monday, they will be cleaned and returned to you on Thursday.


How Do I Pay?

When you initially sign-up for the service, a credit card will be put on file that will be charged weekly.


In What Areas Does Tiffany Couture Cleaners Provide This Service?

Currently our service runs to homes and offices in the Las Vegas and Henderson Valley.


Is There a Charge for the Pickup & Delivery Service?

You pay the same amount as our over-the counter customers.


What if I Have a Question About My Order?

We are committed to customer service and satisfaction. Call us any time with questions or concerns at (702) 735-0186.